Blitz & Co


Main Kitchen


We don’t just cook we thread you to delicacies...

We chose to open a kitchen instead of a store front at first because we loathe wasting food. By opening a made-to-order kitchen we know we can keep wastage to a minimum, and it is certainly lower than the industry wide 30% wastage of food. Our customers only consume what they order, while we keep everything freshly made and sent on the day itself.

Experience different meals and add flavor to your life.

At Blitz, we do our best to provide and curate wholesome freshly sourced ingredients for our food. We are sensitive to your dietary requirements, feel free to discuss with us if there is any special diet or request. We observe strict food safety guidelines and we source from halal suppliers. To ensure comfort and minimise contamination, our serving sizes are petite and easy to take home.