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Coffee of the Week :: Peru Cajamarca

Calling all coffee explorers! 🌎☕

Bonjour! This week, we’re taking you on a delicious journey to the high Andes with our Coffee of the Week: Peruvian Cajamarca!

Forget the harsh, burnt brews of yesteryear. This coffee is all about smooth, sweet, and easygoing vibes. Think mellow, with hints of milk chocolate, caramel, and even a touch of fruits.

Why we at Blitz love it:

Clean and smooth: No more puckering faces or heartburn here!
Crowd-pleasing: This coffee is like your favorite pair of jeans – it goes with everything.
Organic goodness: Enjoy delicious, sustainable coffee without breaking the bank.


We think this coffee shines in a latte. The creamy milk perfectly complements the smooth, sweet notes, making it an absolute delight.

So, come on down and try our #PeruvianCajamarca Coffee of the Week! You won’t regret it.