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Wilton Benitez Double Anaerobic Fermentation and the MBrC 2023

Bonjour, and welcome! Today let me introduce you to the Caturra Double Fermentation beans. I used it at my attempt for Malaysian Brewers Cup 2023, in Muka Cafe, Kuantan, Pahang. The beans, grown by Wilton Benitez at Granja Paraiso 92 in the area of Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia at an altitude between 1700 and 1900 above sea level. This coffee is special, as it has undergone a double anaerobic fermentation process with yeasts and thermal shock wash. This ensures that the sugars become more readily available for the fermentation, which in turn prevents oxidation. The result is a coffee with an intense fruit flavor and a full-bodied taste, with an incredible sweetness and a long, smooth aftertaste.

What sets this coffee apart is the ultra-light roast, done under specific instructions from me by Wilson Siew of Crackpots Roasters. This roast profile was carefully researched and chosen to highlight the unique flavor profile of this coffee.


Now, let’s talk about the tasting notes. To get the most out of this coffee, we’ll be using a HARIO SWITCH method, which allows us to use IMMERSION AND POUR-OVER and get the perfect extraction. We’ll start by pre-wetting our filter, then adding our coffee grounds and starting the brew.The coffee to water ratio will be 1:15, which means that for every gram of coffee, I’ll be using 15 grams of water. I’ll be brewing with water at 64 degree Celsius to bloom it first in immersion mode, and after 45 seconds, switch it to pour-over and subsequently I will use water at 90 degrees Celsius. I will then use 300g of water with the TDS of 120, made from 1 part bicarbonate and 2 parts magnesium to bring out the sweetness of flavors for this bean.

Moments during the open service session of the MBrC 2023

As the coffee blooms, you’ll start to notice the fruity aroma of blackcurrant, raspberry, and passionfruit. As the water starts to develop the grounds further, you will notice delicate hints of peaches and papaya with a finish of hops and cinnamon. The long and smooth aftertaste is accompanied by an incredible sweetness throughout.

But the real magic happens as the coffee cools down. You’ll notice a flavor shift towards pina colada and tropical fruit punch, giving a very pleasant finish.

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In conclusion, this coffee is truly exceptional. The unique flavor profile, the double anaerobic fermentation process with yeasts and thermal shock wash, and the ultra-light roast all contribute to a remarkable taste experience. Thank you for allowing me to share this coffee with you today.



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